Traditional Marketing & Sales

The well-known marketing and sales

The category of Traditional Marketing and Sales covers the conventional and long-standing methods of promoting products, services and brands before the digital age. This includes areas like print advertising, broadcast advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, retail promotions and personal selling.

Articles in this category provide insights into time-tested techniques for grabbing consumer attention and driving sales. Readers can learn best practices around creating compelling print ads to place in newspapers, magazines and billboards. Strategies for developing memorable radio and television commercials are also explored. For direct mail, topics range from designing eye-catching catalogs and brochures to acquiring targeted mailing lists.

Those interested in personal selling can read up on consultative sales approaches, relationship-building skills and delivering effective sales presentations. Retail marketing articles offer tips on in-store displays, signage, coupons and co-branded promotions aimed at enticing brick-and-mortar shoppers.

The fundamentals

The fundamentals of promotional marketing are also discussed, including sweepstakes, contests, product sampling strategies and the use of specialty merchandise for building brand awareness. Strategic partnerships, event marketing and public relations tactics may also be covered as ways of garnering interest in a product or company through offline channels.

In addition to tactical advice, the Traditional Marketing and Sales category provides broader perspectives on crafting holistic plans to connect with customers. Setting objectives, budgeting, executing multi-channel campaigns and measuring results are all critical components explored by the articles. Historical case studies analyze iconic and impactful marketing efforts prior to digital platforms taking over outreach.

Contributing to traditional marketing

Those contributing to the Traditional Marketing and Sales category include marketing consultants, brand managers, media buyers, PR specialists, advertising creatives and veteran business owners. By detailing their knowledge and real-world experiences with commercial promotion in the pre-internet era, they offer actionable ideas for product marketers and sales teams seeking to boost their bottom line. While new-age digital marketing demands significant attention today, incorporating selective conventional marketing efforts can still be critical for maximizing exposure.

The articles aim to strike an insightful balance between legacy approaches and contemporary techniques – helping readers drive more value from their overall marketing mix. Whether a B2B startup seeking to make a mark or an established B2C giant, all organizations can continue benefitting from Traditional Marketing and Sales.

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